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Palace Encore Presents
LAPSIS Preview Screening

Bringing you a future cult classic!

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Palace Encore! is proud to bring you the best in classic & cult cinema around the country, and now we’re presenting a future-cult-classic with the smartly inventive and critically acclaimed sci-fi parable, LAPSIS (CTC)

With a 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, LAPSIS is being hailed as ‘a smart, class-conscious sci-fi parable’ (The Hollywood Reporter) and ‘cult status is assured’ (Variety), providing a darkly comic, original and timely perspective of the gig economy and the failed utopian promises of big tech. In bringing it to life, Writer / Director Noah Hutton’s intricate world-building and storytelling are masterful and Dean Imperial’s performance as Ray is a revelation.

All tickets include a 4 Pines Beer on arrival.

Event Details:
Tuesday, May 25
Please check preferred cinema for session start time

Palace Movie Club (max 2): $18
Palace Student Club (max 2): $15
General Admission: $24
Concession: $20

Set in an alternative New York, the quantum computing revolution has begun, and investors are lining their pockets. However, building the network requires miles of infrastructure to be laid between huge magnetic cubes by “cablers”, a group of unprotected gig workers who have to compete against robots to pull wires over rough terrain. Delivery man Ray Tincelli is both sceptical and suspicious of this new technology. However, to support himself and his ailing younger brother, he scores a shady permit and starts cabling, hoping to finally change his fortunes. What he doesn’t expect is to be pulled into a conspiracy involving hostile fellow cablers, corporate greed and the mystery surrounding someone called Lapsis Beeftech, who may have previously owned his permit.

* Restricted to 18+ only.  Non-alcoholic option available upon request.  
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Palace Central
Tuesday, May 25
Beer served on arrival



The Kino Cinema
Tuesday, May 25
Beer served on arrival



Palace James St
Tuesday, May 25
Beer served on arrival