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We might be in lockdown but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on exquisite cinema, so we’re offering a special $3 rental film every week until we reopen!

This week is the Academy Award-nominated Corpus Christi. 20-year-old Daniel has found God whilst incarcerated in a youth detention centre, but his criminal record excludes him from entering the seminary. At the end of his sentence, he is sent to a small town to take up a position in a woodworking factory, but thanks to a stolen collar is mistakenly taken as the parish’s new clergyman. It’s a seemingly God-given opportunity for transformation, and Daniel – whilst wholly unconventional in his approach (and after a shaky start) – takes to the pulpit with a fervour and compassion that his predecessor has clearly lacked.

“The power and the glory of “Corpus Christi” reside in the film’s leading man, whose ineffable combination of wildness and purity makes for an absolutely electrifying central performance.”
– Washington Post

“Corpus Christi is a powerful drama that has a lot to say about religion, forgiveness and redemption.”
– ABC News Radio

“A quite interesting and irresistible movie, a sort of cross between Paul Schrader’s recent film of spiritual crisis, “First Reformed,” and Spielberg’s “Catch Me If You Can.”
– San Fransisco Chronicle

Just use the code 6IM5B273IGTX when checking out your rental. See below for how to access this offer.

How to Access Palace Home Cinema (With Discount Code):

1. Visit www.palacehomecinema.com.au and sign in using your Palace Movie Club account details.

2. Click RENT on Corpus Christi

3. A prompt for a credit card will appear, select I HAVE A PROMO CODE and insert the code XN5QT8Y00TC9

4. Complete the purchase with your credit card details

5. More details for system requirements and lengths of rentals can be found HERE

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