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Polish Film Festival Preview –
Corpus Christi

Join us for the critically acclaimed film ahead of the 2020 Polish Film Festival

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Flawless. Suspenseful. One-of-a-kind. Provocative. Absorbing. Powerful. See for yourself what the buzz is all about. Join us for a glass of wine and a preview screening of Poland’s highly anticipated Oscar nomination to whet your appetite before the 2020 Polish Film Festival Sydney arrives at Palace Norton Street in late October.

Multi-award-winning Oscar nominee for 2020 Best International Film Corpus Christi is a remarkable tale of a charismatic young ex­-convict falsely posing as a priest.

After serving time at a youth detention centre, 20 ­year­ old Daniel (Bartosz Bielenia) is sent to a small town to take up a position in a woodworking factory. Over the course of his incarceration Daniel has contemplated becoming a priest, but due to his criminal record no seminary will accept him. When he arrives in the town he is mistaken for the parish’s new clergyman and seizes the opportunity for spiritual transformation. Though he has no previous training, Daniel embraces the role and helps to heal the close-knit community shattered by a recent tragedy. His unconventional sermons and charisma attract many supporters but not everyone is open to his approach. Daniel learns the hard way that following the road to salvation can also lead one astray…

Inspired by true events, the powerful Corpus Christi is the third feature by director Jan Komasa and Poland’s second consecutive Academy Award Best International Feature nominee after last year’s Cold War by Paweł Pawlikowski.

Widely hailed by critics and audiences as the stand­out discovery of 2019 Venice and Toronto Film Festivals, Corpus Christi became a box office sensation in Poland, overtaking Cold War by achieving over 1.35 million admissions and receiving 36 awards on the festival circuit.

Astutely navigating themes of faith, virtue and forgiveness, Komasa’s disciplined and unflinching direction is exponentially enhanced by the simply jaw­dropping lead performance from young Bielenia.

Event Details:
Palace Norton Street
Thursday, October 8 | 7:15pm – SOLD OUT!
Tuesday, October 13 | 7:15pm

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Palace Norton Street
Thursday, October 8


Palace Norton Street
Tuesday, October 13