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666 Fridays: Society / Body Melt

MA15+ 191 MIN


We kick off our season with two undeniably icky, delectably goofy, body-horror treats, SOCIETY and BODY MELT. Society – a personal favourite of the 666 programming team – is stomach-churning satire from one of the unparalleled masters of low-budget sludge, Brian Yuzna (producer of Re-Animator and director of Bride of Re-Animator). Following the child of Beverley Hills-based coastal elites, who uncovers a gruesome secret about his parents and the high-society socialites they interact with, Society is packed to the brim with hilarious thrills and downright surreal practical effects and is sure to be one of the strangest viewing experiences you’ll have in the cinema all year.

Following Society, we bring you a rare opportunity to catch one of Australia’s forgotten cinematic gems on the big screen, BODY MELT. A ridiculous, all-Australian, satire shocker that’s all-killer with no-filler, Body Melt follows the residents of a small Melbourne town who become the unwitting test subjects of a new diet pill with gruesome side-effects, including sensory hallucinations, biological mutations and raucously depicted instances of projectile death. Inspired by Peter Jackson’s Braindead (aka Dead Alive) and featuring more uproarious sequences of exploding organs and liquefying flesh than you can poke a stick at, Body Melt is as hilarious as it is versatile, and as innovative as it is gruesome.

Movie Information

Release date

Friday 12th April


191 min