BFF18 Together

23rd October, 2018 (PG)
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  • Director Paul Duddridge
  • Cast Cathy Tyson, Carla Mendonça, Katie Sheridan, Peter Bowles, Sylvia Syms
  • Duration 82 min
  • Rating PG
  • Genre Drama, Romance


From Mothers and Daughters director Paul Duddridge and starring three-time BAFTA nominee Sylvia Syms (The Queen, Victim BFF17) alongside Peter Bowles (Blow-Up BFF17, Victoria), this riveting drama follows a married couple fighting for their right to spend their final days together.

After 60 years of marriage, Rosemary and Philip Twain are happily sharing their golden years taking care of one another. However, when Rosemary is taken to hospital for a routine procedure their perfect retirement starts to unravel. Philip is admitted to a care home and even when his wife is returned to the marital home he is not allowed to join her. Frustrated by the system they take their lives in to their own hands and fight back.

Inspired by real life stories of elderly couples caught up in the social services system, writer/director Paul Duddridge sheds light on the bureaucracy of the aged care system and how the wishes of older people are so often ignored.


  • “A wonderful film. Poignant and exquisitely acted.” – Daily Mail UK

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