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BFF19 Farming

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Based on his own incredible autobiographical story, writer-director Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje follows a young Nigerian boy as he is drawn into the warped world of a racist skinhead gang in 1980s England.
Enitan (Zephan Amissah/Damson Idris) is a young boy “farmed out” by his parents to a white British family in the hope of giving him a better future. Ingrid Carpenter (Kate Beckinsale), is the working-class wife from a Gypsy background to whom he is entrusted, amidst a dozen other foster children. Caught between two worlds and belonging to neither, Enitan’s need for love and acceptance is exploited by the adults in his life, transforming a sweet boy into a teenage menace.
Driven by themes of identity, power, love and betrayal, Farming is rich with compelling characters: the complex and dubious Ingrid, Levi (John Dagleish) the charismatic gang leader whom Enitan must overcome, and at its heart our flawed hero, Enitan, a lost soul desperately searching for a mother’s love as he struggles to find himself in a brutal world. When all seems lost and Enitan spirals into self-destruction, a benevolent teacher offers him one last chance at redemption.


OFFICIAL SELECTION: World Premiere, Discovery, Toronto International Film Festival, 2018

WINNER: Michael Powell Award for Best British Feature Film, Edinburgh International Film Festival, 2019


"Sheds light on a complicated, lesser-known aspect of Britain’s 20th-century history."

- THE SKINNY.co.uk

Movie Information

Release date

Tuesday 29th October


107 min




Kate Beckinsale, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Damson Idris, John Dagleish


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