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BIFF17 The Party

15+ 86 MIN


A group of friends come together to celebrate the promotion of Janet (the always delightful Kristin Scott Thomas) into the British parliamentary ministry. Each member of the small group has their own idiosyncrasies - there’s a lesbian couple expecting twins, a cynical older woman and her philosophical husband, a cocaine-addled businessman, and April (Patricia Clarkson) and her husband Bill (Timothy Spall). But, from the outset, things don’t feel right as Bill cuts a solitary and distant figure sitting in the middle of the lounge room, seemingly preoccupied.

As the evening wears on, each of the guests have their own news to reveal and as they do another layer gets peeled off their relationship onion. The evening starts out in a rather dignified fashion, but things disintegrate rather quickly as more and more interconnected secrets are revealed, climaxing in a crescendo that takes everybody by surprise.

Movie Information

Release date

Sunday 20th August


86 min




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