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BIFF17 Watch the Sunset

15+ 94 MIN
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Playing out in an amazing single shot, Watch The Sunset is a gripping tale of redemption and revenge set in the lonely streets of a country town where lives and pasts explosively intersect.

While the camera ducks, dives and weaves in and out of cars, houses, schools, churches and sheds, we spend some 80 minutes in the lives of Danny (Tristan Barr) - a former bikie who wants to reclaim his life - his ex, and their child. Unfortunately for Danny, extricating himself from the gang is easier said than done, leading to an utterly “how did they do that?” climax you’ll want to watch over and over again.

There’s not a foot wrong or hair out of place in this killer film. All-round amazing performances from a happening cast, dazzlingly inventive cinematography and a directorial triumph make Watch the Sunset a must-see.

Movie Information

Release date

Wednesday 30th August


94 min




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