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Cinema-Italia: Pizza and Dates

18+ 92 MIN


[Pitza E Datteri]

Q&A with Gili Kugler – senior Lecturer in Biblical Studies and Classical Hebrew Usyd + Vrasidas Karalis Professor of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, Usyd + Lucia Sorbera, Chair of Arabic Studies, Usyd

This playful comedy focuses on cultural exchange and integration and is shot entirely within the splendid fairytale canals of Venice where East and West have for long met historically, artistically and romantically.

After their mosque is expropriated and turned into a hairdresser by the landlord, a community of Muslims in Venice search for a new location. A young Afghan Imam named Saladin is called to the rescue, but rather than solving the problem, his arrival ends up complicating the situation with a series of absurd consequences and hilarious moments. These difficulties are further magnified with the charismatic presence of the beautiful Zara.

Director Fariborz Kamkari takles what is a sensitive and loaded subject with gentle humour and comedy. He brings forth the perspective of the vast community of Muslims with a tender smile through the everyday issues that arise with the crossing of cultures, and offers how these can be overcome.

Movie Information

Release date

Tuesday 11th May


92 min