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Cinema Italia: The Landlords

18+ 90 MIN


The Landlords
[Padroni Di Casa]
Q&A with Antonia Rubino Associate Professor of Italian Studies Usyd + Cristiana Palmieri Research Affiliate of Italian Studies, Usyd

Equal parts drama, comedy and thriller, The Landlords is a riveting film from actor-turned director, Edoardo Gabbriellini (I Am Love) with a sensational cast including legendary real-life singer Gianni Morandi making a return to the big screen after 40 years.

Cosimo (Valerio Mastandrea, Escort In Love) and Elia (Elio Germano, My Brother Is An Only Child) are two young brothers dreaming of success in the construction business. They travel from Rome to a remote Apennines mountain village where they have been contracted to rebuild a villa for the retired singer Fausto Mieli (Morandi), a divisive local figure who is planning a comeback concert.

With their natural big city arrogance, Cosimo and Elia draw hostility from the locals, and in particular the male population. Tensions are further heightened as a young local woman, Adriana (Francesca Rabbi), flirts with Elia and dreams of running away with him.

Even in the film’s idyllic mountain setting there is a sense of foreboding throughout, as the conflict between outsiders and villagers subtly builds to a climax with repercussions for the whole community.

Movie Information

Release date

Tuesday 7th June


90 min