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FFF18 Bright Weakness

MA15+ 107 MIN


In his second directorial feature following the clever genderbender Me, Myself and Mum (AF FFF2014, in which he also performed), Guillaume Gallienne crafts the perfect performance vehicle for his fellow Comédie-Française thespian, Adeline D’Hermy. D’Hermy (Camille Rewinds, AF FFF2013) is Maryline, the central enigma of this film; an actress arriving in Paris from a small French village, hopeful of finding her place as a star
of the screen. But Maryline has some behavioural problems that cause her to lose her cool in front of the camera and struggle with her personal relationships. Consequently, her life becomes one of a labourer and a lush.
Then Maryline meets a kindly film director (Xavier Beauvois, Farewell, My Queen, AF FFF2017) and, with some help from his lead actress (Vanessa Paradis), this troubled soul discovers her true calling, although it is not entirely what she expected it to be.
Having only appeared in supporting roles, Maryline is the character piece D’Hermy deserves to showcase her impressive range and nuance as an actress. It all leads to an unconventional closing act of wordless gestures and
burgeoning rage that is a credit to the artistry of its makers.

Movie Information

Release date

Tuesday 27th February


107 min




Film Festival