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FFF18 Catch the Wind

M 103 MIN


Actor-turned-screenwriter-director Gaël Morel re-imagines the migrant experience in his celebrated oeuvre Catch the Wind – as well as an audacious antidote to the Eat, Pray, Love skew on midlife crisis. The world of Edith – played by César-award winning actress Sandrine Bonnaire (Under the Sun of Satan, 1987) – is turned upside-down when the factory at which she has worked all her life relocates to Tangier. The workers are left with a choice – unemployment or Morocco. Estranged from her son and with no real ties to France, Edith is the only employee to take up the offer to move.
She establishes a friendship with Mina (Mouna Fettou), the owner of the guesthouse where she resides. But living in Morocco is testing, with Edith additionally demoted from quality control inspector to seamstress in harsher working conditions. Under Mina’s stewardship – and through her preparedness to embrace local customs and cultural mores – Edith turns the page on an exciting new chapter in her life. Premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival, Catch the Wind is a timely social commentary that upturns the migrant story to a different perspective – one of a French person settling into a foreign land. It also marks a triumpha career renaissance of French cinema stalwart Bonnaire.

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Tuesday 27th February


103 min




Film Festival