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FFF18 Ladies

M 98 MIN


How do you regain a positive body image if you never had one in the first place? Costume-designer-turned-debutdirector Anne-Gaëlle Daval enlists renowned French standup comedienne Florence Foresti (Barbecue, AF FFF2015) in a slightly more serious, yet bountifully life-affirming, turn as
40-year-old Lucie; a cancer survivor looking to regain her footing in the world. Breast cancer is well behind Lucie, as confirmed by her doctor
brother (Jonathan Cohen, Papa ou Maman, AF FFF2016; Max & Leon, AF FFF2017) but she still cannot seem to move forward. One day, she enters a wig shop and meets Dalila (Nicole Garcia, Papa ou maman, AF FFF2016, director of From the Land of the Moon, AF FFF2017), who believes performing a public striptease will make Lucie feel better about her body.
The dashing but dreadfully arrogant Clovis (Mathieu Kassovitz, Amélie; The Bureau, AF FFF2016) starts to show interest in Lucie, although she cannot fathom why. With lashings of both girl-power and self-deprecation, Ladies
is the perfect prescription for treating a largely unexplored topic in cinema with the respect it deserves. Filmmaker Daval conquers this subject in a wonderfully assured manner that will have you leaving the cinema with a smile on your face.

Movie Information

Release date

Tuesday 27th February


98 min




Film Festival