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FFF20 A Friendly Tale

PG 104 MIN


Months ahead of its French theatrical release, the AF FFF is enormously proud to host the World Premiere of the terrific new comedy of manners from Daniel Cohen (Le Chef), featuring a superb all-star cast in stellar form.

Life loving 40-something Léa (Oscar nominee Bérénice Bejo, The Artist) works in retail, and is happily married to Marc (Vincent Cassel), a conservative and somewhat insecure salesman. Léa has long been considered a dreamer by her know-it-all best friend Karine (the inimitable Florence Foresti), who seems content enough with her advertising executive job and life with gentle giant Francis (François Damiens) and their two kids. But something is about to upset the intricate balance of this quartet.

Over dinner one evening, Léa unexpectedly announces she is trying her hand at writing a novel, a declaration met with some bemusement; Marc is certainly unconvinced. Léa’s burst of creativity triggers an apparently threatened Karine to pick up her own pen, and even Francis hilariously dusts off a long-abandoned artistic side. When Léa’s book is picked up by a major publisher, great things seem assured… if only her friends and husband can handle it. Those who enjoyed the Italian hit Perfect Strangers are sure to find this delicious tale of tested loyalties as equally winning. This is one to share with your own friends and partners; an opportunity to sit back and enjoy the sparks that fly on screen - and off.

Movie Information

Release date

Tuesday 14th July


104 min




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