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FFF21 Perfumes

M 100 MIN
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Perfumes is a classic odd-couple story about two people whose temperaments are poles apart; and yet, opposites attract. This personality clash comedy delivers a winning formula of social observation, character drama and empathy.

Desperately wanting to get shared custody of his daughter, sad-sack divorced dad Guillaume Favre (Grégory Montel, Call My Agent, AF FFF16, Diane Has the Right Shape, AF FFF18) needs to keep his job as a chauffeur to pay for somewhere better to live. His resolve is put to the test when he is assigned a new client: gifted perfumer Anne Walberg (Emmanuelle Devos, My Days of Glory, AF FFF20) whose skills at constructing and identifying scents are matched by her egotism and lack of tact. Unlike most people, Guillaume is bold enough to stand up to Anna and that’s something she respects. They don’t form an instant bond overnight, but at least she doesn’t fire him, so that’s a start.

It is a testament to the wonderful performances of the leads that the friction between the mismatched pair remains so good natured. As their professional relationship evolves into a sensitive and sweet friendship, Perfumes emerges as a breath of fresh – albeit scented – air.


"Like a visit to the perfume department at Galeries Lafayette before a taxi ride on a rainy day in Paris."

- The Guardian

Movie Information

Release date

Tuesday 2nd March


100 min




Grégory Magne


Film Festival


French with English subtitles