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FFF23 Lie With Me

MA15+ 98 MIN
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From Philippe Besson’s critically acclaimed, autobiographical novel comes a captivating adaptation from director and screenwriter Olivier Peyon. Above all else it is a tale of pain and desire – after all, do you ever really forget a first love?
Since finishing school, Stéphane (Guillaume de Tonquédec, Delicious, AF FFF21) has seldom returned to his small town, finding his mind widened by his travels and blossoming career as a novelist.

Taking a job as an ambassador for a famous Cognac brand, he finds himself back in his small village for the first time in years. Little has changed as he settles into his monotonous tour, greeting adoring strangers at a book signing.

That is until he is struck by a familiar face, when he meets Lucas (Victor Belmondo, Fly Me Away, AF FFF22), the son of his first great love. As the two begin to connect and catch up on the past, Stéphane must conceal the nature of his relationship with Lucas’ father, bringing back old memories of love and the terrible pain they shared in years past.

Heartbreaking and bursting with courage, Lie with Me tells a beautiful story of forbidden love against the picturesque backdrop of rural France.

Movie Information

Release date

Tuesday 7th March


98 min




Guilaine Londez, Victor Belmondo, Jérémy Gillet, Julien De Saint-Jean, Guillaume de Tonquédec


Olivier Peyon


Film Festival


French with English subtitles

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