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FFF24: The Three Musketeers - Double Feature

M 235 MIN
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Three Musketeers has spawned multiple adaptations since its publication in 1844, but none have approached the scope and spectacle of this wildly entertaining, blockbuster two-film production from director Martin Bourboulon, who assembles an all-star cast for the first French cinematic treatment in over 30 years.

Set in the early 17th century kingdom of France, the opening instalment D’Artagnan follows a spirited young swordsman, Charles D’Artagnan (François Civil), on his journey from Gascony to Paris to join the King’s elite Musketeers of the Guard. Along the way, he narrowly escapes death whilst heroically saving a woman from being kidnapped. In his efforts to enlist, D’Artagnan manages to offend the sensibilities of three of the most formidable Musketeers in the ranks, Athos Vincent Cassel), Porthos (Pio Marmaï) and Aramis (Romain Duris).

But D’Artagnan soon wins them over, and his dedication to help his newfound friends and serve King Louis XIII Louis Garrel) will lead him not only into the path of the mysterious Milady deWinter (Eva Green) and the Queen’s consort Constance Lyna Khoudri), but into the heart of a conspiracy where the future of the nation itself is at stake.

Following the events of D’Artagnan, a secret from the past shatters old alliances in The Three Musketeers - Milady, the spectacular second chapter to Martin Bourboulon’s lavish, all-star adaptation of Alexandre Dumas’ classic adventure, the first French cinematic treatment in over 30 years. Strap in for the unforgettable conclusion.

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Friday 3rd May
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235 min




Eva Green, Louis Garrel, Vincent Cassel, Romain Duris, Pio Marmaï, François Civil


Martin Bourboulon


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