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First Cow

PG 122 MIN
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First Cow finds ingenious director Kelly Reichardt (Meek's Cutoff, Wendy and Lucy) exploring the compelling motifs and themes she's renowed for, in always sublimely moving ways - a truly must-see film for 2021.

Two travelers, on the run from a band of vengeful hunters in the 1820s Northwest, dream of striking it rich – but their tenuous plan to make their fortune on the frontier comes to rely on the secret use of a wealthy landowner's prized dairy cow. With their scheme landing somewhere between honest ingenuity and pure grift, renowned filmmaker Kelly Reichardt finds a graceful and deeply moving origin story of America in their unlikely friendship and fragile life at the margins.


"As with Meek’s Cutoff, First Cow is a Western that chips away at myth, and wrestles power and history away from the lone-white-cowboy archetype."

- NOW Toronto

"Gives you the feeling that you’ve just witnessed a major work from a great American filmmaker."

- Rolling Stone

"We might go into a Kelly Reichardt movie thinking we’ll be told a story, but we emerge with our consciousness subtly and radically altered."

- Washington Post

Movie Information

Release date

Thursday 29th April


122 min




Rene Auberjonois, John Magaro, John Keating, Dylan Smith, Orion Lee


Kelly Reichardt



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