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LAT18 Ten Days Without Mom

M 99 MIN


"I would love to be in your place. Your only obligation is to take the children to school.” Víctor (Diego Peretti, also in Almost Legends) reproaches his wife Vera (Carla Peterson, also in Animal) in this hilarious, box-office hit. And with that, the apocalypse is unleashed. Not the end of the world or an alien invasion, but the wild and fun chaos that originates in this family’s home when dad’s in charge.

Víctor and Vera have been married for twenty years and have four kids: two teenagers, a child and a toddler. Víctor is constantly swamped with work and self-absorbed, completely unaware of the unpredictable home life of his wife and four children. Vera, exhausted and drained from being a full-time-stay at home mum who gets no help from her husband or her kids, takes off with a friend for Perú for ten days, leaving him in charge of his unruly kids.

Víctor is forced to take leave from work, to take charge of his family at home. Almost immediately, chaos strikes. However, father and children will eventually take Vera’s trip as an opportunity to connect more deeply and to enjoy the beautiful but messy family they form. Ten Days Without Mom was the highest-grossing Argentine film of 2017, and is directed by Ariel Winograd, known for No Kids and That’s Not Cheating (Cine Latino 2017).

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Release date

Tuesday 13th November


99 min




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