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LAT18 The Accused

18+ 108 MIN
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A 21-year-old girl has to face not only a murder trial but also the scrutiny of an entire nation in The Accused, an involving and ambiguous Best Film nominee at the 2018 Venice Film Festival from auteur director Gonzalo Tobal (Villegas).

Dolores (played by Argentine mega star singer Lali Espósito) still lives with her parents as well as her kid brother, Martin. For the past two years, she’s been hiding from the outside world, staying at home awaiting trial after having been accused of murdering her best friend, Camila. There’s a motive, as Camila leaked a video of Dolores having sex. And what’s more, the police have no other suspects. Dolores spends her days preparing for the trial, hiding from the outside world and secluded in her house under the ever-watchful eye of her protective parents. The best lawyer is not enough, they obsessively control everything about her: how she looks, what she does, eats and who she sees.

As the trial moves forward and pressure grows, suspicion and secrets emerge within the family. Cornered, increasingly isolated and just when any mistake could prove disastrous, Dolores acts on her frustration in a way that puts the entire strategy at risk.

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Tuesday 13th November


108 min




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