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PFF19: Another Day of Life

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One of the greatest journalists of the 20th century, Ryszard Kapuściński’s gripping account of the collapse of Portuguese colonialism in Angola brought to the screen in combination of spectacular 3-D animation, documentary and live-action footage. Another Day Of Life is a cinematic masterpiece and an umissable Festival highlight that had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival of 2018 and won the Best European Animated Feature Film Award at 31st European Film Awards.
Warsaw, 1975. Ryszard Kapuściński, a brilliant veteran journalist, convinces his bosses at the Polish Press Agency to send him to Angola, where a bloody civil war has broken out on the eve of the country’s independence. Cuba, South Africa, the USA and Russia support different sides. He is the only foreign journalist in Angola’s capital, Luanda. Chaos and confusion ensue. Kapuściński risking his life at the front line of the conflict, keeps sending daily cables to the Poland to be the first in the world to cover this breaking war.
Poland's most renowned foreign correspondent who was an eyewitness to revolutions and civil wars in Africa, Asia and Latin America. As the sole correspondent for the Third World of the Polish Press Agency he covered 27 revolutions and coups. His first hand experiences from the centre of the conflicts and observations on everyday life in war torn developing countries have made him one of the foremost writers on crises in the modern world. He won literary prizes in Germany, France, Canada, Italy, the US, and was made journalist of the century in Poland. His books were translated into 30 languages. Another Day Of Life is thought to be one of his best works.


WINNER: Best European Animated Feature Film, 31st European Film Awards I 2018

WINNER: Best Animated Film, 33rd Goya Awards I 2019

WINNER: Audience Award, 2nd El Gouna Film Festival I 2018

WINNER: Audience Award – International Competition, Biografilm Festival I 2018

WINNER: Jury Special Mention, Biografilm Festival I 2018

WINNER: City of Donostia Audience Award, 66th San Sebastián International Film Festival I 2018

NOMINATED: Golden Eye, The Documentary Prize, 71st Cannes Film Festival I 2018

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Official Selection Out of Competition,  71. Cannes Film Festival


"Visually, the film is rarely less than spectacular, using 3D CGI techniques to create multi-layered, persuasively fluid and crisply detailed motion capture-based imagery: Whether it’s taking in sweeping aerial shots or the flies buzzing around a dead body in the road, it’s redolent of Waltz With Bashir in its combination of the comic illustration aesthetic with a heightened attention to realism"

- Jonathan Holland, Hollywood Reporter

"Another Day Of Life" is a very personal book. Not about war, not about the fighting sides, but about being lost, about the unknown, about the uncertainty of what will happen to you. There were situations when a man actually knew he is not going to make it. And every day you said with relief: - Oh, I have another day of life behind me, another is waiting for me. But no more. "

- Ryszard Kapuscinski

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Saturday 2nd November


85 min




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