SCA18 The Real Estate

10th July, 2018 (18+)
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  • Director Axel Petersén, Måns Månsson
  • Cast Léonore Ekstrand, Christer Levin
  • Duration 88 min
  • Rating 18+


After a life of decadence and living abroad on monthly allowances, 68-year-old Nojet inherits an apartment building from her father who has just died, and returns home to Stockholm, which is in the middle of a housing crisis.

Inspecting the building for the first time, Nojet meets with several tenants and discovers that the apartments on the 7th floor are all under illegal black market contracts. She brings this up with Chris, her nephew and manager of the building. He denies any fraud, but asks Nojet to show some empathy with the poor tenants, who have no other place to go due to the tough housing market. Disillusioned and clueless Nojet seeks help from Lex, the family lawyer, who only sees two options: keep the building as it is, or sell. Either way, a fast turnaround is needed.

Nojet isn’t a character you would expect to sympathise with, but she’s a fascinating female antihero, of a Three Billboards Mildred Hayes type. Not that we know this right away. This scathing absurdist drama from the award-winning Swedish director of The Yard (Scandi FF 2016), keeps its cards close for an uncomfortable but discussion-worthy viewing experience.

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