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SCA22 Comedy Queen

15+ 93 MIN
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Sasha (charismatic newcomer Sigrid Johnson) is 13-years-old and wants nothing more than to become a stand-up comedian. She wants to make everyone laugh, especially her father (Oscar Töringe) who cries in the shower when he thinks no one is listening. For Sasha, shedding tears is not an option, as she refuses to mourn her mother, who recently passed away.

So, she secretly writes a list of everything she has to do to survive and not end up like her mother. First, cut off her long hair, second, stop reading books, next never take care of another living thing, which means saying no to the world’s cutest puppy, and above all - become a Comedy Queen.

Along the way, Sasha can count on the support from friends and family, even if they can’t always understand her humour.

Based on the acclaimed children’s novel of the same name by psychologist and author Jenny Jägerfeld, this sensitive, bittersweet and captivating coming-of-age tale from director Sanna Lenken (Thin Blue Line) demonstrates how to transform grief and anger into humour.


WINNER Generation Kplus – Best Film Crystal Bear, Berlin International Film Festival 2022 


"An emotional mixture of sadness, tears but also joy and laughter."

- Film Paradiset

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Release date

Tuesday 12th July
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93 min




Sigrid Johnson, Oscar Töringe, Iggy Malmborg, Ellen Taure


Sanna Lenken


Film Festival


Swedish with English subtitles

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