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SPA19 Florianopolis Dream

MA15+ 106 MIN
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In this gentle, thoughtful probing portrait of a middle-class family, Argentine writer-director Ana Katz invites her audience to immerse themselves in the idyllic coastal scenery of Brazil as they embark on a bright, breezy and bittersweet holiday.
Lucrecia and Pedro are in a complicated process of separation. Together with their teenage children, they decide to take a road trip to Florianópolis in Brazil where the couple once enjoyed a getaway at a younger time in their lives. This trip could be the opportunity to save their marriage or otherwise contemplate the possibilities that lie ahead. They rent a cottage from another middle-aged couple with difficulties of their own, and between bouts of swimming, eating, drinking, and karaoke, opportunities arise for adults and adolescents alike to find sex or romance or both.
Co-written with the director’s brother and starring the real-life children of the onscreen father and mother, Florianópolis Dream depicts a family dynamic altogether relatable and authentic. The result is an alluring story full of wisdom regarding desire, self-knowledge, and the wayward nature of long-term relationships.

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Wednesday 27th March


106 min




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