SPA19 My Masterpiece

27th March, 2019 (M)
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  • Director Gaston Duprat
  • Cast Andrea Frigerio, Raúl Arévalo, Guillermo Francella, Luis Brandoni
  • Duration 101 min
  • Rating M
  • Language Spanish with English subtitles
  • Genre Comedy, Thriller


Following on from his 2016 Goya Award-winning The Distinguished Citizen, director Gastón Duprat delivers this entertaining, crowd-pleasing comedy-thriller that follows the complex professional relationship of a cranky painter and a crafty gallery owner in Buenos Aires.
Self-fixated and cantankerous artist Renzo (Luis Brandoni) and sly art dealer Arturo (Guillermo Francella, The Clan SFF15, The Secret in Their Eyes 2009) have known and worked with each other for a very long time. From Renzo’s brilliance days in the 1980s to the present, where he’s months behind on the lease of his bedraggled home, littered with bric-a-brac, pets and the vast, beautiful canvases he continues creating. Just as their relationship seems to be nearing an end, an accident brings them closer together again, triggering a string of forgeries, friendships and fatalities that will culminate in a twist no one could anticipate.
Expert veteran performers Francella and Brandoni are at their best in Argentinian Duprat’s fifth film which screened to a warm reception out of competition at last year’s Venice Film Festival with its delightful portrayal of the uglier side of the art business.


WINNER: Audience Award, Valladolid International Film Festival 2018

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Venice Film Festival 2018


  • "The actors deserve a lot of credit as their performances manage to carry the film through some slipshod scenes." – Cineuropa

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