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SPA21 The Good Intentions

18+ 86 MIN
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Premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival to instant acclaim, Ana García Blaya’s charming The Good Intentions follows a child forced to take action when her parents’ divorce threatens to separate her from her beloved father. Set in Argentina during the economic slump of the 1990s, Amanda (Amanda Minujin) is 10 years old, with two younger siblings and parents Cecilia (Jazmin Stuart) and Gustavo (Javier Drolas) who are like chalk and cheese. While Cecilia offers a more traditionally stable home, slacker Gustavo co-owns a record store which struggles to provide him with the means to pay child support.

When her mother announces they are starting a new life in Paraguay with her new partner, Amanda is determined not to leave the father she dearly loves. So, she takes matters into her own hands, hatching a scheme to stay in Argentina with her father. A poignant, semi-autobiographical film about love, loyalty and family, The Good Intentions features the best Argentinian rock songs from the 90s and shows how some bonds refuse to be broken.

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Tuesday 20th April


86 min




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