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SPA21 Under the Same Roof

18+ 97 MIN
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Nadia (Sílvia Abril) and Adrian (Jordi Sánchez, Lord, Give Me Patience SFF18) may not love each other anymore but one thing is certain, they love their home and neither is willing to give it up to the other.

With the pressures of the 2008 economic crisis looming, the reality of the real estate market forces these bitter divorcees to dig in their heels and refuse to budge. Neither can afford to live elsewhere and they still have a mortgage to pay so, despite their growing hostility towards each other, they have no choice but to remain living together. Things rapidly turn from bad to worse with Nadia and Adrian losing sight of anything but their animosity towards each other.

Director Juana Macías makes light of a nasty and all-too common domestic situation, taking Nadia and Adrian’s example into extreme but uproariously funny territory. Passions run high and patience runs low. Sex, hate and property ownership explode (with some surprisingly touching moments too) in a hilarious display of the flipside to wedded bliss.

Consider it a cautionary tale that will have you wishing you signed your pre-nup!

Movie Information

Release date

Tuesday 20th April


97 min




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