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The Translators

M 105 MIN
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From writer/director Régis Roinsard (‘Populaire’), this ingenious new whodunit is an Agathe Christie-style mystery in the vein of recent hits ‘Knives Out’ and ‘Murder on the Orient Express’, featuring a terrific international cast.

The eagerly awaited final book of a best-selling Dragon Tattoo-esque French trilogy is about to be globally released, and nine international language experts have been hired to translate it into their native tongues (English, Danish, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Greek and German). With the stakes so high, the supercilious publisher (Lambert Wilson) has them on lock-down, confined together in a bunker – without any contact to the outside world – until the task is completed.

So when the first ten pages of the top-secret manuscript inexplicably leak online with a ransom threat, it’s evident that the thief could only be amongst them. Their increasingly paranoid and desperate captor is ready to do whatever it takes to unmask him… or her… or them.

The clues are all there in this suspenseful and wickedly entertaining tale, if you can spot them.


"Clever and very enjoyable - it’s delicious this film. It’s funny and so intricately and ingeniously plotted. Roinsard gleefully leads us down the garden path… All the performances are really beautifully attuned to the material."

- Margaret Pomeranz, FOXTEL ARTS SCREEN

"A tasty, twisty suspense movie that keeps you guessing. So well directed and photographed, the extravagant plot is engagingly packaged and there’s a flawless ensemble of actors on display. It’s the sort of film that admirers will want to see more than once in order to work out just how cleverly they were fooled the first time around. I’ll certainly be back a second time!”"

- David Stratton, THE AUSTRALIAN

"Hard to resist! 'The Translators' is the enjoyable cinematic counterpart to a page-turner, ravenously devoured."

- Jessica Ellicott, THE BIG ISSUE

Movie Information

Release date

Thursday 17th September


105 min




Régis Roinsard



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