The Legend of Muay Thai: Nine Satra

19th July, 2018 (PG)
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  • Director Gun Phansuwon, Pongsa Kornsri, Nat Yoswatananont
  • Duration 107 min
  • Rating PG
  • Genre Animated
  • Participating Cinemas Palace Central Sydney


‘Nine Satra’ is an animated action fantasy which follows the adventures of a young man named Ott, whose destiny it is to save his home-land of Ramathep from the devil power of Dehayaksa. Legend says that only one man that can use Ramthep’s most ancient weapon, a mythical stone that represents the spirit of Muay Thai. Along with his friends Xiaolan (a pirate Chinese girl), Vata, (Prince of Monkey Kingdom), and Red Asura ( Red big giant) Ott sets out to deliver ‘Nine Satra’ to Ramathep’s heir, to save the kingdom and release its people from the dark power.

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