2nd April, 2018 (18+)
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  • Director Rob Reiner
  • Cast Woody Harrelson, Richard Jenkins
  • Duration 97 min
  • Rating 18+


Rob Reiner (A Few Good Men) directs a magnificent Woody Harrelson as the legendary and controversial Texas politician Lyndon B. Johnson, who succeeded the assassinated John F. Kennedy as President of the United States and unexpectedly helped usher in a new era of civil rights.

LBJ shows Johnson confronting the challenge of leading a nation still grieving its beloved JFK, even as he grapples with urgent calls for social justice led by Martin Luther King Jr. At the same time, Senator Robert Kennedy pushes Johnson to prove he is worthy of his new role. Lacking President Kennedy’s charm and his elected mandate, Johnson must prove himself through sheer force of will.

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