YAH18 Two Is A Family

2nd April, 2018 (M)
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  • Director Hugo Gélin
  • Cast Clémence Poésy, Omar Sy
  • Duration 118 min
  • Rating M


Hugo Gélin’s bona fide crowd-pleaser charmed audiences in 2017, becoming the most popular French-language film worldwide.

Samuel (Omar Sy, The Intouchables) enjoys an A-list lifestyle on the sun-drenched beaches of the Côte d’Azur. Life is good, until former lover Kristin arrives out of nowhere and leaves the fruits of their tryst – her infant daughter Gloria – in his care. Incapable of looking after a baby, Samuel rushes to the UK in an attempt to return the child to Kristin, without any luck. When Kristin eventually reappears, Gloria has grown into a bright and effervescent eight year old, and the now inseparable father-daughter team finds their connections tested.

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