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Genova (DVD)


Running Time:90 minutes plus 30 minutes of features
Region:4 PAL
Release Date:10th March, 2010
Main Cast:Colin Firth, Hope Davis, Willa Holland & Catherine Keener
Director:Michael Winterbottom
Special Features:Making Of Genova, On Location In Italy



From internationally heralded director Michael Winterbottom comes GENOVA, an intimate and beautifully nuanced familial drama about love, secrets and forgiveness, set against the captivating beauty of the eponymous Italian city.

Colin Firth – in a stellar, tender performance – stars as Joe, a man left at odds after the sudden loss of his wife (Hope Davis). Joe impulsively decides to move his two daughters to the sun-drenched coastal town of Genova, where his rekindled friendship with an old university colleague (Catherine Keener) suggests the hope of a new start. But as 16-year-old Kelly (Willa Holland) finds herself drawn into an enticing new world of romance and danger, younger Mary (Perla Haney-Jardine) begins to have visions of her mother…

An insightful exploration into the impact of loss and the strength of family, GENOVA is a visually exquisite, emotionally affecting work of modern cinema; an engaging and refreshingly understated journey of the heart.

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