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Sharing Is Caring

14 May

We’ll be sharing cinema together again soon, but until then, Palace Cinemas wants to share some of our film favourites with our Weekly Watch List.  Here’s to sharing and staying safe.


I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO (2016) | Raoul Peck

In 1979, James Baldwin wrote a letter describing his next project ‘Remember This House’, which was to be a personal account of the lives and successive assassinations of three of his close friends, Medgar Evers, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. before his death in 1987. I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO sees Raoul Peck envision the book that was never finished, a radical examination of Race in America and a snapshot of American race representation, confronting the deeper connections between the lives and assassination of these three leaders.

“Baldwin was writing more than 30 years ago. Not so much has changed since then. Even so, I Am Not Your Negro isn’t as pessimistic as its downbeat tone suggests it should be. Baldwin’s commentary is intended to provoke, not to induce despair.” Geoffrey Macnab, Independent.

Rent it on iTunes, Google Play or Youtube or stream on DocPlay (don’t forget about our DocPlay 45-day free trial! For more information visit here), Stan or Kanopy.


RBG (2018) | Julie Cohen, Betsy West

A chronicling of the incredible life and career of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who developed a legal legacy for fighting for women’s workplace rights and became a pop culture icon.

“Her tireless work advocating women’s rights and gender equality may have put her on the map, but there is much more to 85 year-old US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg – as this fascinating and inspiring documentary reveals.” Louise Keller, Urban Cinefile.

Rent it on iTunes, Google Play or Youtube or stream on DocPlay (don’t forget about our DocPlay 45-day free trial! For more information visit here)


HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE (2016) | Taika Waititi

A nationwide manhunt is conducted for a rebellious kid and his foster uncle who go missing in the bush of New Zealand. Charming and offbeat, HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE combines a wonderful cast the brilliant mind of Academy Award Winner Taika Waititi for a poignant, funny and deeply human message about love and friendship.

“There is a beating heart amidst the crackling one-liners, which once again elevates Waititi’s storytelling from the merely entertaining to the instant classic.” Kate Rodger, Newshub.

Rent it on iTunes, Google Play or Youtube or stream on Foxtel Now or Kanopy.


THE DEATH OF STALIN (2017) | Armando Iannucci

After being in power for nearly thirty years, Soviet dictator Joseph Vissarinovich Stalin takes ill and suddenly dies, now the members of the council of Ministers scramble for his power. Armando Iannucci paints a wickedly funny political satire on a period in history that painfully parallels our current situations… the film also boasts an incredible cast featuring Steve Buscemi, Jeffrey Tambor and Paddy Considine.

“A devastatingly funny dissection of power politics, stripping the mystique from it and those who worship it. Iannucci has done it again.” Sandra Hall, Sydney Morning Herald.

Rent it on iTunes, Google Play or Youtube or stream on Stan or SBS On Demand.


PERFECT STRANGERS (2016) | Stephan Elliott

Seven close friends come together for dinner and during the meal, decide to play a game where all of their mobile phones messages and calls are available to one another. While the game begins as playful, things become more serious as dark secrets start to surface. A parable for the digital age, Perfect Strangers pits our deceitful natures against our dependence on smartphones to create a devilishly vicarious experience for its audience.

“The delicious promise is that this dinner party will be a feast for the audience, a series of embarrassing revelations which are entertaining if you are in your comfy cinema seat, but traumatic if you are at the table.” Andrew L. Urban, Urban Cinefile.

Rent it on iTunes, Google Play or Youtube.

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