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Cinemas In Victoria Need Our Help

28 October

It’s undeniable that Melbourne has done incredible work to save our great city and we’re so excited that Victoria is reopening, but we feel that we must make a point of questioning why cinemas continue to be neglected as restrictions ease across various other industries.

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“Recent research published in open source science journal Environment International and cited by the industry suggests an infected person is 90 times more likely to infect someone else while singing in church (which is now permitted) than they are while sitting in silence in a cinema. A restaurant patron conversing lightly is 14 times more likely, and a gym patron exercising heavily poses seven times the risk of a silent cinema patron”

Quinn, K 2020, “Cinema operators ‘furious, depressed’ as opening date remains elusive“, The Age, October 27

Cinemas in Victoria need your help.  In every state in Australia, including our Melbourne cinemas back in July, cinemas have been recognised as a safe environment. Globally, there have been no confirmed cases traced back to cinema-going (Variety, Oct 2020).  After months of lockdown, the opportunity to reconnect safely, and at less than other industries being allowed to open, is an experience that many Victorians sorely need.  Plus, we have so many films to catch up on (Tenet anyone?)!

If you miss us as much as we miss you, please share your support for your local cinema by tagging us on Instagram or Facebook @palacecinemas with the hashtag #savecinemas, including our friends at Village Cinemas, Cinema Nova, Reading Cinemas, Cameo Cinemas, Lido Cinemas, Classic Cinemas, The Sun Theatre and other independents.  We greatly appreciate it if you can.  We understand that not everyone will be able to return at this time, but we can’t wait until we see you all again.

To read more about our covid-safe practices in Melbourne and why cinema is safe, click HERE.

Sign the petition if you wish to help us HERE.

We miss you, and can’t wait to welcome you back.

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